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The non-poisonous and very rare Narrow-headed Gartersnake lives in the cool, clear waters of Oak Creek. Adults have a dark brown or grey, stripe-less back and recognizable “narrow” head. Juveniles are tan or red with dark spots. Their rapidly declining populations may be attributed to the introduction of non-native predators, including crayfish, fish, and bullfrogs; habitat alteration; high recreational use; and poor water quality.

April 2, 2015 at 5:59 p.m. 

We had a great time presenting the "Loved to Death" documentary to the North Point Biology class from Prescott today. We followed up with a more in depth presentation on our watershed and the types of impacts that affect it.

Marie McCormick, OCWC Executive Director

The OCWC partnered with local Sedona Middle School teachers for the second year to develop a two week comprehensive Water Quality Curriculum that details water quality, quantity, and conservation as well as habitat degradation. Part of the curriculum partners with Project WET.

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