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Friends of Oak Creek

Friends of Oak Creek are the core volunteer force of the Oak Creek Watershed Council. They are the heart of all our work around the Oak Creek area.  If you are looking for a closer connection to your community and the environment, the Friends of Oak Creek are for you!

Friends of Oak Creek orchestrate creek and trailhead cleanups, make school presentations, assist OCWC staff in administrative tasks, collect water samples for our water sample studies (see link), participate in community events, conduct tabling/outreach in various on-site locations along the creek and work on numerous special projects that help keep our watershed clean.

Join us by signing up as a Volunteer Local and leave your legacy as a Friend of Oak Creek!

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The Oak Creek Watershed Council (OCWC) has registered its volunteer group with the state as ‘Friends of Oak Creek (FOC)’ and has openings for community residents who wish to volunteer their time towards improving the water quality of Oak Creek, as well as tackling other watershed issues.

As a Friend of the Oak Creek Watershed, you have an important part to play in preserving this Legacy. The information provided in this Training section is intended to help you in that mission.


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