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Visitors, welcome to the beauty of the Oak Creek Watershed

From its headwaters at the top of Oak Creek Canyon to the confluence with the Verde River, Oak Creek is the 50 mile thread that weaves together the fabric of our watershed community, as well as being vital to its economic, recreational and natural future. 

The objective of the Oak Creek Community Outreach Program (OCCOP) is to raise the awareness level, particularly of those living or recreating in the proximity of Oak Creek, regarding the consequences to littering and pollution, as well as changing the outdoor behavior of all visitors to Oak Creek. Learn How you can be part of this effort to preserve our Watershed for generations to come? Learn more HERE.

Oak Creek Watershed Council embraces the philosophy of Leave No Trace.

According to Wikipedia, Leave No Trace is a set of principles for participation in outdoor recreation that seeks to minimize the impact on the natural environment. Proponents of Leave No Trace believe that individual impacts caused by recreation can accumulate to degrade the land.

There are hundreds of thousands of visitors to who recreate in and around Oak Creek annually, so in order to preserve the quality of water in Oak Creek, there must be rules (we call them "protocols") for everyone to understand and follow.

The Oak Creek Watershed is about 300,000 acres. It has long been celebrated nationally and internationally as a year-round destination. Trails for hiking and horseback riding, campsites, and settings for wildlife-watching abound. Cool shady pools of water provide an ideal setting for water recreation and a refuge from the dry, hot, prehistoric surroundings.

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